2023 Annual Report


Community Mental Health of Ottawa County partners with people with mental illness, intellectual/developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, and the broader community to improve lives and be a premier mental health agency in Michigan.


It is with great pride that I present our 2023 Annual Report. In this report you, will find just a sample of the many programs and services we provide at CMH that help the individuals we serve to live their best life.

On a daily basis, we see evidence of individuals learning new skills and ways to successfully address their mental health concerns. The outcome measures we collect demonstrate improvement in areas such as decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety and increases in permanent relationships and overall wellbeing. It’s what makes the hard work worth doing. A huge thank you to the CMH staff, our contractual providers, and the many community partner organizations we work with who help to ensure a quality system of care for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

One of our newest resources for mental health information is CredibleMind. Community Mental Health has recently partnered with CredibleMind to host a website that provides helpful online resources for anyone in our community. At this one-stop shop for personalized mental wellbeing, you’ll find educational articles and videos, a variety of assessments, and community resources and tools.

You can learn more about this resource at ottawacounty.crediblemind.com

Lynne Doyle – Executive Director

Program spotlight: Autism Services Cont.

Autism Services and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy play crucial roles in supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to lead fulfilling lives and reach their full potential. Autism services encompass a range of interventions and supports designed to address unique needs of individuals with autism.

Among these services, ABA therapy stands out as a highly successful and evidence-based approach. ABA therapy is a comprehensive treatment approach that focuses on understanding and modifying behavior. ABA therapy is highly individualized and tailored to the specific needs of each person.

One of the key strengths of ABA therapy is its effectiveness in promoting skill development across various domains, such as communication, socialization, self-care, and academic skills.

By targeting specific behaviors and teaching alternative, more adaptive behavior, ABA therapy can help individuals with autism improve their communication, enhance social interaction, and develop essential life skills.

At Community Mental Health of Ottawa County (CMHOC), children and adolescents diagnosed with ASD who have Medicaid and demonstrate medical necessity are eligible to receive ABA and other services such as case management, supports coordination, respite, and psychiatric services.

A family receiving CMHOC services shares what their positive experience was like when receiving services: “Our daughter attended center based programming 14 hours a week. She was provided with skill development and speech therapy. She learned how to interactively play with other children and her siblings, how to share with others, and how to form sentences and communicate her needs and wants. In parenting sessions, we went over what skills she was learning, forming goals and implementing some home activities to develop those skills so that we could better support our daughter’s growth and development.”

This family’s story serves as a powerful testament to the effectiveness and benefits of autism services and how they positively impact and provide support to individuals and their families.


Self-determination is the right of all people to have the power to make decisions for themselves. Grounded in the same principles, self-direction is the act of selecting, directing, and managing one’s services and supports. Self-determination empowers individuals to access and use all available resources effectively and creatively, prepare and plan for the future, promote self-advocacy, and make decisions on how one wants to live their life.

Self-determination projects were developed in the late 1990s in 19 states with grants provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Michigan was one of these states. Every state now offers self-determination and self-directed services, and in 2019, there were over 260 self-directed programs nationwide with over 1.2 million individuals with disabilities self-directing their services and supports.

Community Mental Health of Ottawa County (CMHOC) and parents of people with disabilities participated in the Partners Advancing Self-Determination (PAS) process beginning in September 2022. The PAS workgroup is a collaborative effort working to increase the availability and use of arrangements that support self-determination services.

The workgroup met monthly for 10 months, with smaller groups meeting in between to work on specific projects such as creating an Introduction to Self-Determination Services Guide for families, increasing knowledge of self-determination, self-directed services budget development, sharing information with persons served, and the creation of a map of the self-determination process and what to expect each step of the way.


In fiscal year, 2023 CMHOC provided services funded through Medicaid, General Fund, Millage, and Grants to over 9,000 individuals.


Annual Revenue for Behavioral Health Services Graphic
% Annual Revenue For Substance Use Disorder Services


Annual Expenditure for Behavioral Health Services Graphic
% Annual Expenditure for Substance Use Disorder Services


2019 Mental Health Millage Outcomes Graphic









Improve Access to Care
Continue Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) initiatives and other efforts to expand service delivery options

Evaluate and enhance CMHOC’s website and other agency information to explain services and eligibility

Continue to work with school systems to provide a smooth transition from school to adult services

Develop and improve existing resource guides for individuals to use to better understand services
Staffing and Retention
Work with County Administration and HR to remain competitive with wages and benefits

Continue to monitor and address provider network and supported independent living rates to assure stability of the system

Address staff burnout/stress

Increase training opportunities

Obtain Grand Rapids Community College Direct Support Professional Certificate

Advocate for permanent Direct Support Professional wage increase through legislation

Check out the CMHOC Recruitment Video
Quality System of Care
Focus on consumer needs including housing, transportation, and autism services

Maintain good standing with regional, state, and national audits and data reporting

Invite consumer voice into strategies for improvement
Integrated Healthcare
Fully implement CCBHC State Demonstration program and CCBHC Improvement and Advancement grant

Contractual Partners

Acorn Health of Michigan
Adia, LLC
Agnus Dei AFC
Alval by the Lake
Amani AFC
American Homestead AFC
Amy Jo Breckon
Applied Behavioral Science Institution
Arbor Circle
Autism of America, LLC
Beacon Specialized Living Services
Bear River Health
Behavior Analysts of West Michigan
Benjamin’s Hope
Bentons AFC Facility
Bergmark Consulting, LLC
Bernice’s House
Bethany Christian Services
Bethesda Farms
Bluebird Behavioral Services, LLC
Braintrust Behavioral Health, LLC
Building Men for Life
C & M Assisted Living
Care Cardinal
Case Management of Michigan
Catholic Charities of West Michigan
Center for Autism and Related Disorders
Centria Healthcare
Cherry Health
Community Alliance
Community Living Options
Community Living Services
Comprehensive Therapy Center
Cornerstone AFC, LLC
DA Blodgett St. John’s
Daily Life Skills Independence Hub, LLC
Dale Bird Cortes
David’s Housing Ministries
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Dean CTH
Deer Creek AFC
Developmental Enhancement Behavioral Health
Dignified Care, LLC
Disability Network Lakeshore
Diversified Medical Staffing, LLC
DOT Caring Centers Inc.
Double G Taxi
Eastport Village Care Home
Enriched Living
Equitable Learning Solutions
Evergreen Commons
Faith House
Fireside AFC
Flatrock Manor
Forest View Psychiatric Hospital
Fox Counseling, LLC
Full Circle Care
Giddings AFC  
Giddings AFC II
Gillmore Community Healing Center
Golden Steps MI, LLC
Goodwill West Michigan
Grayson Home
GT Independence
Hansma Home
Harbor Hall
Harbor House Ministries
Harbor Oaks Hospital
Havenwyck Hospital
HealthSource Saginaw Inc.
Help at Home Holdings, LLC
Heritage Homes Inc.
Hernandez Home, LLC
Holland Hospital
Holy Cross Services
Hope Discovery ABA Services, LLC
Hope Love and Grace
Hope Network
HR Alliance
Hurley Medical Center
Ikaze Home
IKUS Life Enrichment
InterCare Community Health Network
Ivy Nest AFC
Jesselyn and Kenyatta Coleman
LA Benediction Co., LLC
Lakeshore Care Corporation
Landmark Recovery of Michigan
Laugh and Learn Therapy, LLC
Life Therapeutic Solutions Inc.
Lighthouse Autism Center
Lydia’s AFC
Maxim Healthcare Services Inc.
Moving Forward AFC
North Kent Guidance and Testing Services
North Kent Guidance Services, LLC
Oriole Drive CTH
Our Hope Association
PAS Personal Accounting Services, Inc.
Pendo Gani AFC Home
Pine Rest
Pine Ridge Assisted Living Facility
Pioneer Resources
Platinum Living, LLC
Positive Behavior Supports Corporation
Preferred Employment & Living Services
Pro Care Unlimited
Professional Rehabilitation Services Inc.
PT Solutions
Reach for Recovery
Real Life Living Services Inc
Recovery Road
Safehaus Grand Rapids
Salvation Army Turning Point
Schiele AFC
SD Initiatives
Second Story Counseling
ShelMar AFC
Southwest AFC, LLC
Sparks Behavioral Services, LLC
St. James’ Gate
St. John’s Health Care Inc
Stillson AFC
Strong AFC
Stuart Wilson CPA PC
Success Care
Ten Sixteen Recovery Network
Trinity Health
Turning Leaf Residential Rehabilitation
Voices for Health
Vonk AFC
Wedgewood Christian Services
West Michigan Psychological Services
West Michigan Treatment Center
West Shore Medical Personnel Services
Whispering Oaks
White Crane Home ADC
Wilson & Wynn Interventions
Winning at Home
Zawadi USA, LLC



Thank you to our CMHOC Board Members